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If you did, you may want to learn how to specifically consolidate these federal loans.

The Direct Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate multiple federal student loans into one.

So if you’ve already graduated, landed a job, and have started to strengthen your credit score, you might find that you’re eligible for a lower interest rate than when you initially applied for your existing loans.

Stipulations and rules for private loan consolidation vary by the financial institution you’re working with.

Each has its own pros and cons, which we’ll get into in a little bit.Unlike federal loan consolidation, a private loan may carry a variable interest rate, which means it — and therefore your monthly payment — can change over time.While you can’t combine your private student loans with federal loans into the Direct Consolidation Federal Loan, you may find that a private loan consolidation will accept your federal loans.Chances are if you’re dealing with student loan debt, you’re not just dealing with one loan. And if you couldn’t cover the costs with federal loans, you very well may have turned to a private lender, such as a bank or other lending institution (e.g., Sallie Mae) to fund the rest of your expenses.One option you have when you begin tackling your student loan debt is to explore loan consolidation.

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