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So, I figured that most of the cast is either in college or auditioning like crazy for other acting roles. I didn't get the new generation at all - or even the NEW new generation now on Much Music. I saw Jake Epstein in the road version of Spring Awakening at Kennedy Center. He said he didn't even know he was fired until he showed up to work one day and noticed new names on the dressing rooms.Argiris Karras, the actor who plays Riley isn't always the best actor, but when they let him smile, he smiles with his entire face. The actor plays Zane, Shannon Kook-Chun is in a low-budget Canadian retelling of Romeo and Juliet (where the star-crossed lovers are rival frat boys) where the other gay guy is play by Marco's boyfriend John Bregar.When they dumped to man characters to bring in ones that no one cared about, it bothered me, but I have really come to love KC, Clare, and Holly J.Adam, their new transgender boy is one that I applaud in spirit, but they don't exactly execute it well, as they don't seem to try very hard to make the actress who plays him look like a boy."Everybody get ready and get into gear, the Degrassi sensation, the one and only, Zit Remedy is here. Everybody wants something, they'll take your money and never give up.Everybody face up to the facts as they are, Dedication is hard but, you'll be somebody and you will go far. Everybody wants something, they'll take your money and never give up".

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One of them gets raped (just hinted, no actual "penetration" visible).

Eventually, he developed a huge crush on an Asian soccer player named Zane, and fell head over heals.

It was bumpy for a time, but after he came out to the school and the world followed, including landing a football scholarship to a university as an openly gay man.

Maybe I liked the old cast so much because I was in middle school when the show first started and a lot of the cast members were the same age as myself. I just watched all of the original Degrassi episodes a few months ago.

I agree, that most of the actors from the 80's version of the show, are much better.

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