Dating vintage pyrex

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The company also offered white dinnerware rimmed in colors like dove gray, turquoise, lime, and flamingo, available with an optional 22-carat gold trim.The regency green and royal burgundy colors were added later, and these are the most rare. Generally, the patterns of mixing bowls, casseroles, refrigerator sets, and other items that come in the bright, cheerful colors of the 1950s, such as pink and turquoise, are far more popular with modern Pyrex collectors than the homey, muted earth-toned patterns that sold well in the '60s.Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.I am going to break with Collective tradition and not post any photos with this entry- everyone knows what the primary bowl set looks like, but I have a couple of questions - hopefully, someone out there can help me. Corning’s first line of clear-glass Pyrex Ovenware debuted in 1915, featuring 12 pieces such as casseroles, custard cups, a bread pan, pie plates, and shirred egg dishes.Early Pyrex was cloudy, and the word “Pyrex” can usually be found on the base of the piece.I have 3 bowls which I believe to be from the primary set - the 404 yellow I got from my Mother, I remember it from the late 60's, it reads 404, 4 qt, Trade Mark, 16, Pyrex, R, Made in U.

The original clear lids had fine ribs that tend to collect dirt.Nesting mixing bowls are among the most identifiable and beloved vintage Pyrex kitchenware.The first, and currently most popular set, is the solid “400 Multicolored Mixing Bowls,” also referred to as “Primary Mixing Bowls” or “Primary-Colored Mixing Bowls.” It includes a 4-quart yellow bowl (#404) with a 10-inch diameter, a 2.5-quart green bowl (#403) with a 8.5-inch diameter, a 1.25-quart red bowl (#402) with a 7-inch diameter, and a half-quart blue bowl (#401) with a 5.5-inch diameter.The concept began in 1925, with squared-off, stackable clear Pyrex containers that saved space in the icebox.In 1949, a refrigerator set was issued in three of the colors of the first 400 bowls.

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