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The standard of value for antique Tonka toys is mint condition: no repairs, intact finish and all accessory features included.True mint condition for a toy means it comes with the original box and instructions if applicable.Long-lasting toys are more likely to belong to a well-established toy collecting category that has been collected and researched for many years.Both common and rare types of the particular toy will be documented and found in various toy guides.Tonka toys are still being made today by the Tonka Toy Group, a division of Hasbro, Incorporated.

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Generally, toys that were built to last, such as the Tonka toys, are more easily stored and survive through several generations.Plants that reproduce asexually are multicellular organisms, although the majority of asexual reproduction takes place within single-celled organisms.This makes plants that reproduce asexually unusual--as they are more genetically complicated. In this process, distinct pieces of the parent are used to produce offspring.Tonka Toys first began in 1946 as a partnership between three individuals who started Mound Metalcraft Incorporated.The company was located in an old three-story schoolhouse and began as a manufacturer of metal garden tools, such as rakes, hoes and shovels.

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