Beta male in dating world

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Others associate beta males with sexless or bad in bed.

The beta is the guy that tries to buy his way into a girls pants.

They don’t want to be called out or get into an argument because they are afraid of people thinking poorly of them.

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When someone says something about them or something associated with the beta male, he believes they are making fun of him or trying to upset him. Being fake nice and trying to intimidate someone does not work. If you didn’t realize already, beta males want others to like them. They’ll do almost anything to get the approval of others.

Beta males usually lack an alpha mentor like a father figure or a good role model.

The masculine father figure was replaced by a women that raised her boy into a beta male.

Let’s briefly describe how one becomes a Beta Male… You do not come into this world as an alpha male or a beta male.

There are several ideas about why we some of us are beta males.

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