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And the buyers' reasons for wanting to send up to five or six times the value of the item for the excess to be wired back to the buyer seem plausible, Harlow said.

Among the inquiries was an e-mail from a man claiming to be a car dealer in Africa.

So if she could only pay 10k – 20k THB onto this Bank account…………everything will be fine and the presents worth 100k THB will be delivered straight to her home.

Just strange that right after she transfers the money his skype and facebook accounts stop existing.

cams are rather common here in Thailand and while it is easy to see and hear foreigners complain about being scammed by Thais we should not forget that Thais also scam Thais.

Just as it happens in probably any other country as well. You stay up late at night or wake up super early to get the chance to skype with her.

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