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In 1882 the United States Supreme Court declared Ku Klux Klan Act unconstitutional.

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An interesting small study could also be made of the uses which were made of these weekly papers beyond those immediately intended: E. Mc Cormick, reminiscing about his childhood, noted: We had long ceased to paper our houses with the illustrated pages of the Auckland Weekly News, although traces of this pioneer custom were still to be found in the privies and occasionally in the kitchens of our rural neighbours . (Mc Cormick, 1959a, p.12) Up to World War II, the newspaper in New Zealand was essentially of two kinds: a large metropolitan paper, owned by a company or perhaps still under family control; or a small or medium-sized country paper, perhaps issued daily but more likely issued bi-weekly or tri-weekly, and very likely to be under the control of a working proprietor in the case of the smallest papers or, in larger towns, family owned and perhaps also family operated. Skilled personnel was in short supply and many newspapers closed, never to reopen.

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They are here voluntarily and don't feel pressured to perform for money.

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